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Whitter Staff Directory

Name Email Subject Edublog
Asanovich, Susan Email Ms. Asanovich Kindergarten Ms. Asanovich's Edublog
Barnes, Jeanette Email Ms. Barnes Art Ms. Barnes's Edublog
Conway, Kelsie Email Ms. Conway Reading Ms. Conway's Edublog
Dennehy, Casey Email Ms. Dennehy Reading Ms. Dennehy's Edublog
Dinius, Jacqui Email Ms. Dinius 1st Grade Ms. Dinius's Edublog
Donaldson, Christine Email Ms. Donaldson 1st Grade Ms. Donaldson's Edublog
Dysinger, Patti Email Ms. Dysinger Kindergarten Ms. Dysinger's Edublog
Ellingwood, Annie Email Ms. Ellingwood Speech Ms. Ellingwood's Edublog
Fisk, Becky Email Ms. Fisk 2nd Grade Ms. Fisk's Edublog
Gallagher, JP Email Mr. Gallagher Principal Mr. Gallagher's Edublog
Hauser, Terry Email Mr. Hauser PE Mr. Hauser's Edublog
Helfrich, Janet Email Ms. Helfrich 4th Grade Ms. Helfrich's Edublog
Henderson, Shayne Email Ms. Henderson 5th Grade Ms. Henderson's Edublog
Henningsen, Amie Email Ms. Henningsen 1st Grade Ms. Henningsen's Edublog
Hill, Kristen Email Ms. Hill 3rd Grade Ms. Hill's Edublog
Hunter, Katie Email Ms. Hunter Resource Room Ms. Hunter's Edublog
Jette, Jessie Email Ms. Jette Physical Therapist Ms. Jette's Edublog
Jones, Cynthia Email Ms. Jones Psychologist Ms. Jones's Edublog
Kelley, Sherry Email Ms. Kelley Special Ed Ms. Kelley's Edublog
Kunts, Kristen Email Ms. Kunts # Ms. Kunts's Edublog
Lindh, Janet Email Ms. Lindh Occupational Therapist Ms. Lindh's Edublog
Lyons, Joanie Email Ms. Lyons 2nd Grade Ms. Lyons's Edublog
Mckee, Shelley Email Ms. Mckee 4th Grade Ms. Mckee's Edublog
McLaughlin, Cheryl Email Ms. McLaughlin 2nd Grade Ms. McLaughlin's Edublog
Miner, Brenda Email Ms. Miner Reading Coach Ms. Miner's Edublog
Peters, Tricia Email Ms. Peters Special Ed. Ms. Peters's Edublog
Powers, Shannon Email Ms. Powers Kindergarten Ms. Powers's Edublog
Prigge, Marnie Email Ms. Prigge Speech Ms. Prigge's Edublog
Richards, Angelia Email Ms. Richards Psychologist Ms. Richards's Edublog
Richardson, Maureen Email Ms. Richardson Tech & Lib. Ms. Richardson's Edublog
Rogers, Jan Email Ms. Rogers 3rd Grade Ms. Rogers's Edublog
Rounds, Karen Email Ms. Rounds 6th Grade Ms. Rounds's Edublog
Salo, Greg Email Mr. Salo Counselor Mr. Salo's Edublog
Schulte, Colleen Email Ms. Schulte PE Ms. Schulte's Edublog
Sweeney, Kathleen Email Ms. Sweeney Kindergarten Ms. Sweeney's Edublog
Taylor, Rosemary Email Ms. Taylor Secretary Ms. Taylor's Edublog
Tobin, Brian Email Mr. Tobin Band Mr. Tobin's Edublog
Tomscheck, Michaela Email Ms. Tomscheck 4th Grade Ms. Tomscheck's Edublog
Villasenor, Krystal Email Ms. Villasenor Kindergarten Ms. Villasenor's Edublog
Warner, Dot Email Ms. Warner Nurse Ms. Warner's Edublog

Whittier Elementary is centrally located on the “flats” of Butte occupying a full city block, the Whittier school ground includes a park named for one of the distinguished past principals, George Parrett. This park has a small baseball field, tennis courts, and soccer field available to students as well as a small city ice rink that is flooded each year for public use. The present Whittier school opened its doors in September 1954. It replaced the original 1912 Whittier Industrial School, which was briefly named the Wendall Philips School in 1915 and eventually Whittier in 1917. We have 23 classrooms and a newly updated library. Whittier is one of only two Butte elementary schools that have a separate gym and lunch room. Our gym, named for Kenneth Julson, principal from 1945-1968, used to host all the city’s elementary basketball games due to the size and seating for spectators. The wooden bleachers were replaced in 2003 with the most modern ones available.

Quick Facts

Principal: J.P. Gallagher
Grade Level:K-6
Enrollment Count: 412
School Hours:

  • K-2nd: 8:30 - 2:00
  • K-3 Hope 8:00 - 2:00
  • 3-6: 8:30 - 3:00
Attraction/Focus: Whittier has a close neighborly environment serving over 400 students, 311 families, with only a small portion of the total population being bused to the site.

Average Class Size:
  • 18:1
Teaching Staff: Approximately 71% of faculty members have advanced degrees.

Support Services:
  • Speech/Language Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
Computer/Technology: 100% of all classrooms are networked and have access to high speed internet. 100% of teachers have email and voice messaging accounts. Smartboard in each classroom.

Networked Computer Ratio:
  • Student Ratio: 3:1

Contact Information

2500 Sherman Street
Butte, Mt 59701
Phone: (406) 533-2890

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