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Butte High School Staff Directory

Name Email Subject Edublog
Anderson, Brian Email Mr. Anderson English Mr. Anderson's Edublog
Arnston, Aaron Email Mr. Arnston History Mr. Arnston's Edublog
Arnston, Jeff Email Mr. Arnston Sophomore Counselor Mr. Arnston's Edublog
Beatty, Loralee Email Ms. Beatty Business/Yearbook Ms. Beatty's Edublog
Benach, Joana Email Ms. Benach Foreign Language Ms. Benach's Edublog
Bercier, John Email Mr. Bercier Art Mr. Bercier's Edublog
Berg, Mark Email Mr. Berg Math Mr. Berg's Edublog
Blaskovich, Luke Email Mr. Blaskovich Science Mr. Blaskovich's Edublog
Bordleau, Denise Email Ms. Bordleau Welding Ms. Bordleau's Edublog
Brophy, Barry Email Mr. Brophy Library Mr. Brophy's Edublog
Bryant, Judy Email Ms. Bryant Family Consumer Science Ms. Bryant's Edublog
Burgman, Dale Email Mr. Burgman English/Volleyball Mr. Burgman's Edublog
Burns, Debbie Email Ms. Burns Finance Ms. Burns's Edublog
Callahan, Bill Email Mr. Callahan Science Mr. Callahan's Edublog
Carriger, Rick Email Mr. Carriger PE/Health Mr. Carriger's Edublog
Cianca, Becky Email Ms Cianca PE/Health Ms Cianca's Edublog
Cooney, Scott Email Mr. Cooney English Mr. Cooney's Edublog
Cotton, Susan Email Ms. Cotton English Ms. Cotton's Edublog
Curtis, Amanda Email Ms. Curtis Math Ms. Curtis's Edublog
Cutler, Corey Email Mr. Cutler Math Mr. Cutler's Edublog
Davis, Charleen Email Ms. Davis Attendance Ms. Davis's Edublog
Dennehy, Lisa Email Ms. Dennehy Math Ms. Dennehy's Edublog
Donohue, Patrick Email Mr. Donohue Math Mr. Donohue's Edublog
Driscoll, Maureen Email Ms. Driscoll Science Ms. Driscoll's Edublog
Ellingwood, Annie Email Ms. Ellingwood Speech Ms. Ellingwood's Edublog
Evans, Suzanne Email Ms. Evans English Ms. Evans's Edublog
Farabee, Ted Email Mr. Farabee Music Mr. Farabee's Edublog
Faulkner, Terry Email Mr. Faulkner Special Ed. Mr. Faulkner's Edublog
Fisk, Chris Email Mr. Fisk History Mr. Fisk's Edublog
Floreen, Brenda Email Ms. Floreen Math Ms. Floreen's Edublog
Fogarty, Colleen Email Ms. Fogarty Science Ms. Fogarty's Edublog
Gordon, Shirley Email Ms. Gordon School Nurse Ms. Gordon's Edublog
Gransbery, Dean Email Mr. Gransbery PE/Health Mr. Gransbery's Edublog
Green, Pam Email Ms. Green History Ms. Green's Edublog
Grey, Arie Email Mr. Grey History Mr. Grey's Edublog
Gustafson, Rene Email Ms. Gustafson Secretary Ms. Gustafson's Edublog
Harrington, Margaret Email Ms. Harrington Art Ms. Harrington's Edublog
Hope, Jim Email Mr. Hope Asst. Principal Mr. Hope's Edublog
Humphrey, James Email Mr. Humphrey English/History Mr. Humphrey's Edublog
Jensen, Amy Email Ms. Jensen English Ms. Jensen's Edublog
Jette, Jessie Email Ms. Jette Physical Therapist Ms. Jette's Edublog
Johns, Julie Email Ms. Johns Math Ms. Johns's Edublog
Johnson, Melissa Email Ms. Johnson # Ms. Johnson's Edublog
Johnson, Travis Email Mr. Johnson Senior Counselor Mr. Johnson's Edublog
Jones, Cynthia Email Ms. Jones Psychologist Ms. Jones's Edublog
Joyce, Dorothy Email Ms. Joyce Special Ed. Ms. Joyce's Edublog
Kujawa, Diana Email Ms. Kujawa English Ms. Kujawa's Edublog
Kujawa, Mike Email Mr. Kujawa Art Mr. Kujawa's Edublog
Lacey, Nancy Email Ms. Lacey Attendance Ms. Lacey's Edublog
Lavelle, Colleen Email Ms. Lavelle English Ms. Lavelle's Edublog
LeFever, Mary Email Ms. LeFever Family Consumer Science Ms. LeFever's Edublog
Leipheimer, Sara Email Ms. Leipheimer English Ms. Leipheimer's Edublog
Lindh, Janet Email Ms. Lindh Occupational Therapist Ms. Lindh's Edublog
Lorie, Roberts Email Ms. Lorie Secretary Ms. Lorie's Edublog
Maloney, Steve Email Mr. Maloney Career Technical Ed. Mr. Maloney's Edublog
Mankins, Eric Email Mr. Mankins Junior Counselor Mr. Mankins's Edublog
McCullough, Roger Email Mr. McCullough English Mr. McCullough's Edublog
McElroy, Jaric Email Mr. McElroy Science Mr. McElroy's Edublog
McGillen, Greg Email Mr. McGillen History Mr. McGillen's Edublog
Mengon, Kris Email Ms. Mengon Math Ms. Mengon's Edublog
Merrifield, Chuck Email Mr. Merrifield Athletic Director Mr. Merrifield's Edublog
Metz, John Email Mr. Metz Principal Mr. Metz's Edublog
Murto, David Email Mr. Murto Science Mr. Murto's Edublog
Parks, Hilma Email Ms. Parks Freshman Counselor Ms. Parks's Edublog
Peters, Wes Email Mr. Peters Dean of Men Mr. Peters's Edublog
Peters, David Email Mr. Peters # Mr. Peters's Edublog
Pomroy, Tom Email Mr. Pomroy PE/Health Mr. Pomroy's Edublog
Powers, Pat Email Ms. Powers Athletics Ms. Powers's Edublog
Quinn, Tom Email Mr. Quinn Math Mr. Quinn's Edublog
Richards, Angelia Email Ms. Richards Psychologist Ms. Richards's Edublog
Rowling, Rick Email Mr. Rowling Social Studies Mr. Rowling's Edublog
Ruffier, Doug Email Mr. Ruffier English Mr. Ruffier's Edublog
Ruppel, Ruthellen Email Ms. Ruppel Foreign Language Ms. Ruppel's Edublog
Salo, Steve Email Mr. Salo History Mr. Salo's Edublog
Samples, Dennis Email Mr. Samples Math Mr. Samples's Edublog
Schoonen, Wendy Email Ms. Schoonen Foreign Language Ms. Schoonen's Edublog
Schulte, Steve Email Mr. Schulte PE/Health Mr. Schulte's Edublog
Shea, Dennis Email Mr. Shea Auto Mechanics Mr. Shea's Edublog
Shrader, Lynda Email Ms. Shrader PE/Health Ms. Shrader's Edublog
Shutey, Sandy Email Ms. Shutey Science Ms. Shutey's Edublog
Stenson, Kyle Email Mr. Stenson History Mr. Stenson's Edublog
Stewart, Sherrie Email Ms. Stewart Attendance Ms. Stewart's Edublog
Struznik, Denise Email Ms. Struznik Library Ms. Struznik's Edublog
Thiel-Nygaard, Betty Email Ms. Thiel-Nygaard English Ms. Thiel-Nygaard's Edublog
Tobin, Brian Email Mr. Tobin Band Director Mr. Tobin's Edublog
Vanina, Marilyn Email Ms. Vanina Dean of Women Ms. Vanina's Edublog
Walsh, Janeen Email Ms. Walsh English/Drama Ms. Walsh's Edublog
Walter, Amber Email Ms. Walter # Ms. Walter's Edublog
Walters, Katie Email Ms. Walters # Ms. Walters's Edublog
Walters, Ruth Email Ms. Walters Math Ms. Walters's Edublog
Whelan, Lana Email Ms. Whelan Science Ms. Whelan's Edublog
Willhite, Roger Email Mr. Willhite PE/Health Mr. Willhite's Edublog
Wlaysewski, Ben Email Mr. Wlaysewski Math Mr. Wlaysewski's Edublog
Worrell, Pat Email Mr. Worrell Special Ed. Mr. Worrell's Edublog
Zahler, Eric Email Mr. Zahler English Mr. Zahler's Edublog

Butte High School — On Butte High School, On Butte High School, fight for vic-to-ry. Chilling words for those of us and our forefathers who have roamed the marble halls and passed through the once heavily laden copper doors of Butte High School, the “soul” of Butte America. A school rich in academic and sports tradition since 1896, a symbol of unchanged purpose, a dedication of excellence, and a tribute to the spirit of an undying breed; a Butte icon characterized by a tenacity and well reflective of its melting pot chemistry and a tribute to every Day’s Pay Miner who ever packed a lunch pail up Main Street or to every Bulldog who ever ran out of the tunnel dressed in purple and white whether it be the old Naranche or the now Butte High Memorial Stadium.

Quick Facts

Principal: John Metz
Grade Level: 9-12
Enrollment Count: 1439
School Hours: 8:25am - 3:00pm

Attraction/Focus: Butte High School provide a progressive educational environment that offers world class college-prep academics and award winning vocational and fine arts programs, in combination with an integrated approach that affords students opportunities for participation in both extracurricular activities and community service projects.

Average Class Size:

  • 15:1
Teaching Staff:
  • Approximately 71% of faculty members have advanced degrees.
Support Services:
  • Speech/Language Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist

Computer/Technology: 100% of all classrooms are networked and have access to high speed internet. 100% of teachers have email and voice messaging accounts.

Networked Computer Ratio:
  • Student Ratio: 3:1

Contact Information

401 South Wyoming
Butte, Mt 59701
Phone: (406) 533-2200
Fax: (406)533-2277

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