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We as a District want to be available to you for any questions you may have.

If you are looking to contact a teacher directly please visit the school's webpage where he/she is located. These links can be found on the left hand column under "Pick Your School".

Superintendent Office Staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Judy Jonart Superintendent
Mary Kaye Ericson Superintendent Assistant 533-2527 ericsonmk@butte.k12.mt.us

Business Office Staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Dennis Clague Director 533-2505 claguedj@butte.k12.mt.us
Elizabeth Krzan Administrative Assistant 533-2505 krzanem@butte.k12.mt.us
Alysha Blaskovich Payroll Supervisor 533-2512 blaskovichal@butte.k12.mt.us
Mary Anne Flamand Payroll Assistant 533-2513 flamandma@butte.k12.mt.us
Revenue Bookkeeper 533-2514 @butte.k12.mt.us
Beth Sullivan Federal Programs Bookkeeper 533-2516 sullivanba@butte.k12.mt.us
Bradie Staack Purchasing Bookkeeper 533-2517 staackbm@butte.k12.mt.us

Human Resource Staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Therese McClafferty Director 533-2504 mcclaffertyta@butte.k12.mt.us
Aaryn Hayden Assistant 533-2506 haydenal@butte.k12.mt.us

School Nutrition Staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Kurt Marthaller Director 533-2590 marthallerkr@butte.k12.mt.us
Cathy Corak Secretary 533-2590 corakcd@butte.k12.mt.us
Jody Evans Head Cook (BHS) 533-2231  
Vanessa Belisario Head Cook (West) 533-2707  
Karen Granberg Lead Cook (East) 533-2615  

Curriculum Staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Jim O'Neill Director 533-2548 oneilljh@butte.k12.mt.us
Tawni Emett Secretary 533-2548 emetttl@butte.k12.mt.us

Special Education Staff

Transportation Staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Jed Hoopes Director hoopesjj@butte.k12.mt.us
  Main Line 533-2490 transportation@butte.k12.mt.us
Gayle Clark Transportation Secretary 533-2490 clarkgl@butte.k12.mt.us
Rick McCloskey Building & Maintenance Secretary 533-2492 mccloskeyrj@butte.k12.mt.us

RSVP Safety Staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Cathy Pomroy Director 533-2508 pomroycl@butte.k12.mt.us

Nurse Staff

Name Telephone Email
Shirley Gorden 533-2257 gordonsm@butte.k12.mt.us
Bonnie Canty 533-2608 cantybl@butte.k12.mt.us
533-2550 / 533-2896 / 533-2811
Dot Warner 533-2450 / 533-2700 / 533-2850 warnerda@butte.k12.mt.us
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