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East Middle School Staff Directory

Name Position Duty Website
Alley, Karen [email]TeacherScience 8th 
Ammondson, Cynthia [email]Counselor 
Ayers, Diane [email]Food ServiceCook's Helper/Server 
Barnett, Adam Food ServiceCook's Helper/Server 
Benach Salas, Joanna [email]TeacherForeign Lang-Spanish 
Bennett, Tammy Food ServiceCook, rover 
Berg, Gerald [email]TeacherArt 
Brannigan, Judith Food ServiceCook's Helper 
Brown, Daniel [email]EngineerEngineer 
Canty, Bonnie [email]NurseNurse  
Carriger, Marlene MonitorPlayground 
Carver, Kenneth [email]TeacherMath 7th 
Cockhill, Robin [email]TeacherCounselor 8th 
Conner, Brenda [email]MonitorSp Ed 
Cross, Romelle Food ServiceCook's Helper 
Cummings, Dorothy CleanerCleaner 
Dallaserra, Kristy [email]TeacherPLTW 
Davis, Theodora [email]TeacherEnglish 7th 
Dixon, Kimberly [email]TeacherArt 
Doran, Susan MonitorSp Ed 
Driscoll, Larry [email]PrincipalPrincipal 
Evenson, Shaela [email]TeacherScience 8th 
Farabee, Theodore [email]TeacherMusic-Chorus 
Finstad, Mitchell Todd [email]TeacherMath 
Foley, Kathleen [email]TeacherScience 7th 
Foreman, Patty [email]MonitorSp Ed 
Geery, Hermosele CleanerCleaner 
Gilboy, Marc [email]TeacherEnglish 
Granberg, Karen [email]Food ServiceCook, head 
Haller, Vickie Food ServiceCook's Helper/Server 
Hancock, Becky [email]TeacherHealth Enhancement 
Hanley, Alva Food ServiceCook's Helper 3.0 hrs 
Hipp, Joe [email]EngineerEngineer 
Hoffman, Anthony [email]TeacherSocial Studies 
Johnson, Jasmine [email]TeacherReading Instructor 
Jory, Anthony [email]TeacherMath, 8th 
Kambich, Michelle [email]TeacherReading 
Kenison, Michael [email]TeacherIA 
Kindt, Deborah Food ServiceCook's Helper 
Konen, James [email]TeacherSocial Studies 
Kukay, Donna [email]ClericalSecretary 
Lazzari, Sharon Food ServiceCook's Helper 
Leipheimer, Sarah [email]TeacherMath, 8th 
Loomis, Michele [email]Teacher, TSATitle I Library Media/Literacy Info 
Lyons, Joan [email]TeacherTemp. Title I 
MacMillan, Cori [email]TeacherEnglish 
Magnus, John [email]TeacherIA/Library 
Magnuson, June [email]TeacherEnglish 8th 
Mandic, Colleen [email]TeacherHome Ec, Sewing 
McKee, Shelley [email]Teacher 
Miller, Keith [email]PrincipalPrincipal, Assistant 
Milodragovich, Kathy [email]Teacher, TSATitle I Reading 
Nardiello, Jennifer [email]TeacherScience 
Nye, Karla CleanerCleaner 
Ostenburg, Dianne Food ServiceCook 
Owens, Ruth Food ServiceCook's Helper 
Perusich, Jean Ann [email]TeacherMusic-Band/Reading 
Peters, Sharon [email]TeacherCounselor 8th 
Queer, Kacey  [email]TeacherSocial Studies 8th 
Richardson, Sheila [email]TeacherTitle I Reading 
Riley, Melissa [email]TeacherMath, 7th 
Rintala, Russ [email]EngineerComplex 
Rossberg, Laurie [email]TeacherEnglish 
Ruppel, Ruthellen [email]TeacherLanguage Arts 
Ryan, Rochelle  [email]TeacherSocial Studies 7 & 8 
Schultz, Dorothy [email]TeacherMusic 
Seymour, Aretta Food ServiceCook's Helper, 3.5 hrs 
Shahan, Steven [email]TeacherPE/Health 
Sholey-Larson, Tammy [email]MonitorSp Ed 
Smith, Claudine Food ServiceCook 
Smith, Johnette Food ServiceRover 
Stenson, John [email]TeacherSocial Studies 8th 
Stillwagon, Julie Food ServiceCook's Helper 
Susanj, Dave [email]TeacherPE/Health, boys 
Thatcher, Kelci [email]TeacherLSS 
Thompson-Bailey, Shani [email]TeacherDean/Title I Math 
Tierney, Louisa [email]TeacherSp Ed Resource 
Tobin, Brian [email]TeacherMusic 
Wadas, Guy [email]TeacherScience 7th 
Wadas, Wendy [email]TeacherPE Teacher 
Walton, Sarah [email]TeacherReading 
Westensee, Roger Food ServiceCook 
Willhite, Margie [email]TeacherReading 
Witt, Kathy [email]ClericalBookkeeper 
Zahler, Geah [email]TeacherLSS 

East Middle School was built in 1957 and was originally designed as a junior high serving students in grades 7-9. In the late 1980’s the junior high was transformed into a middle school in order to facilitate smaller learning communities which promote literacy for lifelong learners. East Middle School plays a significant role in the lives of all Butte School District students as it is not only the line between elementary and high school, but it is here during these years where adolescents begin to build a repertoire of cognitive and interpersonal skills.

Quick Facts

Principal: Larry Driscoll
Grade Level: 7-8
Enrollment Count: 636
School Hours: 8:22am - 3:00pm

Attraction/Focus: Sensitivity to the unique challenges of early adolescence, East Middle School challenges all students to meet or exceed rigorous academic standards in a socially equitable, democratic and fair learning environment.

Teaching Staff: Approximately 71% of faculty members have advanced degrees.

Support Services:
  • Speech/Language Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
Computer/Technology: 100% of all classrooms are networked and have access to high speed internet. 100% of teachers have email and voice messaging accounts.

Networked Computer Ratio:
  • Student Ratio: 2:1

Contact Information

2600 Grand Ave.
Butte, Mt 59701
Phone: (406) 533-2600
Fax: (406)533-2670

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