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Hillcrest Staff Directory

Name Position Duty Website
Anderson, Bobbie [email]Teacher4th 
Bennett, Barbara CleanerCleaner 
Birk, Andrea [email]TeacherCounselor 
Booth, Katie [email]TeacherKindergarten 
Cetraro, Carmen [email]Teacher6th 
Cox, Trever Crossing GuardCrossing Guard 
Cross, Rhonda Food ServiceServer, lunch 
Curnow, Anna Crossing GuardCrossing Guard 
Davis, Tom [email]EngineerEngineer 
Delaney-Cohlhepp, Patty [email]Teacher, TSAReading Coach 
Durham, Patsy [email]TeacherSp Ed Resource 
Gilman, Christen [email]Teacher2nd 
Henrich, Dave [email]Teacher5th 
Holman, Lesley [email]Teacher1st 
Johns, Julie [email]TeacherMath, Title I 
Johnson, Susan [email]PrincipalPrincipal 
Lockett, Robert CleanerCleaner 
Lord-Powers, Cindra [email]Teacher1st 
McCarthy, Jaklin [email]Teacher3rd 
McClafferty, Edie [email]Teacher5th 
Merrick, Cindy [email]Teacher2nd 
Merrifield, Katie [email]TeacherLibrarian 
Morgan, Sue [email]ClericalSecretary 
Nasheim, Heather [email]Teacher2nd 
Nelson, Helen Food ServiceCook's Helper 
Newman, River [email]TeacherArt 
Piercy, Carleen [email]TeacherKindergarten 
Schulte, Colleen [email]TeacherPE 
Stanich, Paulette [email]Teacher4th 
Thompson, Bonnie [email]Teacher3rd 
Tregidga, Shannon [email]TeacherKindergarten 
Wareham, Carolyn [email]Teacher1st 
Yates, Katherine [email]NurseNurse 
Yeo, Heather [email]Teacher6th 

Hillcrest Elementary was constructed in 1963 as the growing population on the “Flat” put demands on the current schools. The Hillcrest Hornets received their mascot after much debate with the 6th grade class. Unable to come to a conclusion on a mascot one of the “Bigger” boys in class opened a window. A hornet flew in and stung the boy. The hornet caused a great deal of pain to which the principal ,Mr. Sullivan ,replied, “If a hornet can cause that much pain to a big kid, imagine how strong we would be if we adopted it for our mascot. And so they became the “Hillcrest Hornets.” Today Hillcrest boasts a volunteer force of over 200 people who in addition to many events and tasks throughout the year also put on the Annual Hillcrest Bazaar now in its 20th year.

Quick Facts

Principal: Susan Johnson
Grade Level: k-6
Enrollment Count: 398
School Hours:

  • K-2nd: 8:22 - 2:00
  • 3-6: 8:22 - 3:00
Attraction/Focus: A highly developed volunteer force of over 200 parents, and members of the community who work together to bring first class education to the children of Hillcrest school. 94% proficiency in Reading and 91% in Math.

Average Class Size:
  • 17:1
Teaching Staff: Approximately 71% of faculty members have advanced degrees.

Support Services:
  • Speech/Language Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
Computer/Technology: 100% of all classrooms are networked and have access to high speed internet. 100% of teachers have email and voice messaging accounts. Smartboard in each classroom.

Networked Computer Ratio:
  • Student Ratio: 6:1

Contact Information

3000 Continental Dr.
Butte, Mt 59701
Phone: (406) 533-2850
Fax: (406)533-2858

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