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Kennedy Staff Directory

Name Email Subject Edublog
Anderson, Kristine Email Ms. Anderson Title I Ms. Anderson's Edublog
Ayres, Brenda Email Ms. Ayres 2nd Grade Ms. Ayres's Edublog
Barnes, Jeanette Email Ms. Barnes Art Ms. Barnes's Edublog
Brown, Barb Email Ms. Brown Nurse Ms. Brown's Edublog
Daily, Terri Email Ms. Daily 6th Grade Ms. Daily's Edublog
Dallaserra, Kristy Email Ms. Dallaserra 3rd Grade Ms. Dallaserra's Edublog
Delaney, Jackie Email Ms. Delaney Kindergarten Ms. Delaney's Edublog
Giono, Elena Email Ms. Giono 1st Grade Ms. Giono's Edublog
Guldseth, Amy Email Ms. Guldseth Reading Coach Ms. Guldseth's Edublog
Hawbaker, Laurie Email Ms. Hawbaker 4th Grade Ms. Hawbaker's Edublog
Herlson, Laurie Email Ms. Herlson Resource Ms. Herlson's Edublog
Hill, Patty Email Ms. Hill 2nd Grade Ms. Hill's Edublog
Jette, Jessie Email Ms. Jette Physical Therapist Ms. Jette's Edublog
Knapp, Kelsey Email Ms. Knapp Speech Ms. Knapp's Edublog
Lindh, Janet Email Ms. Lindh Occupational Therapist Ms. Lindh's Edublog
Lowney, Kerry Email Ms. Lowney Counselor Ms. Lowney's Edublog
Moe, Kristine Email Ms. Moe Title I Ms. Moe's Edublog
Randolph, Lindsey Email Ms. Randolph 3rd Grade Ms. Randolph's Edublog
Reilly, Jennifer Email Ms. Reilly 4th Grade Ms. Reilly's Edublog
Richards, Angelia Email Ms. Richards Psychologist Ms. Richards's Edublog
Ricketts, Ron Email Mr. Ricketts Principal Mr. Ricketts's Edublog
Schulte, Colleen Email Ms. Schulte PE Ms. Schulte's Edublog
Spangler, Mary Email Ms. Spangler 5th Grade Ms. Spangler's Edublog
St. Pierre, Michelle Email Ms. St. Pierre Kindergarten Ms. St. Pierre's Edublog
Sullivan, Kellie Email Ms. Sullivan Math/Science Ms. Sullivan's Edublog
Sullivan, Kaila Email Ms. Sullivan Speech Ms. Sullivan's Edublog
Tobin, Brian Email Mr. Tobin Band Mr. Tobin's Edublog
Ueland, Sarah Email Ms. Ueland Speech/Reading Ms. Ueland's Edublog
Willhite, Margie Email Ms. Willhite 3rd Grade Ms. Willhite's Edublog

Kennedy Elementary School is a treasured institution within the Butte Community, as it is the last elementary school left on the “hill”. The community support for this school is overwhelming and its student success is celebrated not only by the 300 families it serves, but also by the “old-timers” the few remaining icons left from a proud mining generation. Kennedy Elementary was built in 1958 and was originally named “The Big Butte School”. In 1963 the school name was changed to the JF Kennedy Elementary School. At the dedication ceremony, Senator Mike Mansfield presented to Principal “Oakie” O’Connor, the flag that flew at half mast over the White house during the funeral of President Kennedy.

Quick Facts

Principal: Ron Ricketts
Grade Level: k-6
Enrollment Count: 292
School Hours:

  • K-2nd: 8:30 - 2:00
  • 3-6: 8:30 - 3:00
Attraction/Focus: A highly developed volunteer force of over 200 parents, and members of the community who work together to bring first class education to the children of Kennedy school.

Average Class Size:
  • 15:1
Teaching Staff: Approximately 71% of faculty members have advanced degrees.

Support Services:
  • Speech/Language Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
Computer/Technology: 100% of all classrooms are networked and have access to high speed internet. 100% of teachers have email and voice messaging accounts. Smartboard in each classroom.

Networked Computer Ratio:
  • Student Ratio: 4:1

Contact Information

1101 N Emmet
Butte, Mt 59701
Phone: (406) 533-2450
Fax: (406)533-2457

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