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Margaret Leary Staff Directory

Name Email Subject Edublog
Anderson, MikeEmail Mr. AndersonPE/HealthMr. Anderson's Edublog
Badovinac, AmieEmail Ms. Badovinac3rd GradeMs. Badovinac's Edublog
Booth, BeckyEmail Ms. Booth4th GradeMs. Booth's Edublog
Dennehy, CaseyEmail Mr. Dennehy Mr. Dennehy's Edublog
Herlson, LaurieEmail Ms. Herlson3rd GradeMs. Herlson's Edublog
Huntsman, BrettEmail Mr. HuntsmanPrincipalMr. Huntsman's Edublog
Jette, JessieEmail Ms. JettePhysical Therapist 
Kennis, K.D.Email Ms. KennisTechnology\LibraryMs. Kennis's Edublog
Kivela, KennyEmail Mr. KivelaArt 
Kriskovich, JenniferEmail Ms. KriskovichKindergartenMs. Kriskovich's Edublog
Luoma, JenniferEmail Ms. LuomaReading CoachMs. Luoma's Edublog
McGree, ErinEmail Ms. McGreeResourceMs. McGree's Edublog
McLaughlin, ShellyEmail Ms. McLaughlin1st GradeMs. McLaughlin's Edublog
O'Gara, JulieEmail Ms. O'Gara5th GradeMs. O'Gara's Edublog
Perusich, AmberEmail Ms. Perusich6th GradeMs. Perusich's Edublog
Petritz, JerryEmail Mr. PetritzEngineer 
Powers, TinaEmail Ms. Powers6th GradeMs. Powers's Edublog
Richards, DebbieEmail Ms. RichardsKindergarten 
Richards, AngeliaEmail Ms. RichardsPsychologist 
Schad, CourtneyEmail Ms. Schad1st GradeMs. Schad's Edublog
Schilling, BraydonEmail Mr. SchillingPsychologist 
Schultz, DorothyEmail Ms. SchultzMusic 
Seymour, JudyEmail Ms. SeymourSecretary 
Sharon, KathyEmail Ms. Sharon2nd GradeMs. Sharon's Edublog
Sullivan, KaylaEmail Ms. SullivanSpeech 
Trang, SarahEmail Ms. TrangCounselor 
Warner, DotEmail Ms. WarnerNurseMs. Warner's Edublog
Whitlock, CaraEmail Ms. Whitlock2nd GradeMs. Whitlock's Edublog

Margaret Leary Elementary School was constructed in 1973 when the “open-concept” philosophy dominated the educational world. It’s original architectural design had large open spaces with moveable dividers. Over the years, Margaret Leary’s interior design evolved to what now resembles a more traditional school with individual classrooms. The school was named in honor of Margaret Leary, an icon in the Butte School District. Starting as a stenographer in 1925 and retiring as the Financial Clerk in 1973, her dedication, work ethic, and passion to education and the Butte School District still remains the benchmark for “excellence.”

Quick Facts

Principal: Brett Huntsman
Grade Level: K-6
Enrollment Count: 406
School Hours:

  • K-2nd: 8:30 - 2:00
  • 3-6: 8:30 - 3:00
Attraction/Focus: The parents, teachers, staff and volunteers have created a positive learning environment, a culture of inquiry and thought and a climate of passion and excitement for learning.

Average Class Size:
  • (k-3) 21:0
  • ( 4-6) 25:1
Teaching Staff: Approximately 71% of faculty members have advanced degrees.

Support Services:
  • Speech/Language Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
Computer/Technology: 100% of all classrooms are networked and have access to high speed internet via voice-over IP (VOIP) peer to peer network 100% of teachers have individual and email and voice messaging accounts.

Networked Computer Ratio:
  • Student Ratio: 5:1

Contact Information

34 1/2 Mile Vue
Butte, Mt 59701
Phone: (406) 533-2550
Fax: (406)533-2560

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